MDPI Sensors Journal Special Issue “Internet of Intelligent Things” Call for Papers

The emergence of IoT in business models is on the rise, presenting both new opportunities and challenges. AI enables businesses to leverage data produced by IoT devices (e.g. sensors) to overcome obstacles. Different AI-based solutions, such as knowledge representation/reasoning, data mining and machine learning, may reveal new insights and capabilities beyond human intelligence.

The convergence of AI and IoT can shape our hyperconnected world for the better by enhancing operational efficiency, reducing the cost of risk, improving products and services and mitigating challenges posed by big data produced by IoT devices.

Sensors are a major enabling technology of IoT. Data produced by WSNs require analysis so that appropriate actions can be carried out. This is where AI-based solutions can play an important role.

This Special Issue from MDPI Sensors reviews the applications of artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, knowledge representation and reasoning in IoT technologies. It also focuses on emerging and innovative AI-based solutions for solving IoT-related challenges, including scalability, knowledge discovery and handling big data.

The deadline is 31st of August 2023 …