Attending ERASMUS Plus Dissemination & Information Event in Lebanon

I had the privilege of attending the Erasmus Plus dissemination and information event at the Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS), thanks to Prof. Abdel-Hamid Soliman from Staffordshire University. We presented at the Advanced Security and Connectivity workshop as part of the ELEGANT CBHE (Capacity Building in Higher Education) project. Additionally, engaging in insightful discussions with the project’s partners and academics from universities in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Greece, Sweden, Germany, and Poland proved to be very fruitful. We exchanged knowledge and experiences related to striving for better sustainability and quality in higher education, academic mobility, and HE cultural growth. In short, the discussions revolved around Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE). Among the various presentations, I found the discussions on the following topics particularly interesting:

  • Enhancing excellence in higher education through innovation
  • Ensuring a positive impact on society by promoting inclusivity across social classes
  • Traineeship programs for academic mobility (physical/virtual/blended) with governmental support, including the challenges and fostering access and cooperation in higher education
  • Integration and development of transnational study programs through consortium of international universities, addressing the associated challenges and opportunities
  • Capacity building through partnerships and transformative initiatives, ranging from structural reforms of HE systems to the role of women in policy making
  • Designing lifelong learning courses
  • Establishing teaching excellence centers and implementing train-the-trainer programs, sustainability plans and to ensure long-term benefits.