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Happy to let you know that our academic team for #sulcomputing is expanding quickly, and we are soon to advertise 4 vacancies (Grade 7/8) to fit our Cybersecurity and Computer Science BSc as well as MSc delivery to start ASAP … candidates should be holding their PhD (or close to completion) in Cybersecurity/Computer Science (or related subjects) and be very enthusiastic to teach and teamwork on our futuristic campus … 4 teaching areas as below are of our interest at the moment … please email me at [email protected] if you are interested/have any queries and we can arrange an informal chat prior to jobs ads being formally released … and please direct this to anyone who you think might be interested … areas of expertise we are after (but not limited to):

  • Skills Group 1: Web Development, OS Security, OS Internals & Biometrics, JavaScript, Linux
  • Skills Group 2: Software Development, Data Bases & Data Structures, Python, C#, SQL
  • Skills Group 3: Server-side Programming, Mobile Applications Development, PHP, Android Studio, XCode IDE
  • Skills Group 4: Network Security, Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity, Edge Computing, Raspberry Pi, Python

Revision Videos for My Undergrad Students

For Introduction To Networks (ITN), please see: ITN1- Topics: Explore the Network + Network OS + Network Protocols + Network Access + Ethernet, ITN2- Topics: Network Layer + IP Addressing, ITN3- Topics: IP Addressing + Subnetting + Transport + Application Layer + Build Network, ITN4- Topics: Routing Concepts + Static Routing + Dynamic Routing.

For Advanced Networks (AN), please watch: AN1- Routing Basics + EIGRP, AN2- EIGRP + OSPF + BGP, AN3- Switching Fundamentals.

For Research Paper assignment, please first watch this.

RIP Baba …

He obtained his BSc degree in Educational Sciences from Allameh Tabataba’i University (Iran) in 1979. Initially he taught at primary and secondary schools in his hometown, Tafresh, for many years. Thereafter, he volunteered to defend his country during the Iran-Iraq war and spent more than 40 months in the frontline. He later managed a Teacher Training centre in Yasuj (Iran) for two years followed by performing at a senior position as the Director-general of Ministry of Education of Markazi Province (Iran) and remained there for 4 years. He progressed onto his next accomplishment as the Director-general of Ministry of Education of Bushehr Province (Iran) for a further of 5 years. These years are still regarded by many as the golden period seen in terms of the development of educational infrastructure in such deprived areas all thanks to him. Later, he received his MSc and PhD degrees in Educational Administration from the Islamic Azad University – Science and Research Branch. Afterwards, he progressed forward from a lecturer to senior lecturer and associate professor of Educational Administration while he was the editor in chief for Journal of Educational Administration Research Quartey since 2008. He was the head of Rudehen Azad University for 5 years during this time too.

Last month, I lost my beloved father, Dr. Gholam Hussein Heydari Tafreshi. May Allah rest his soul in peace. To me, he was far beyond this professional biography. To me, he was the purest and kindest soul I have ever witnessed. Last month, I buried a mountain, RIP Baba.

پ ن: بر سنگ مزار پدرم، استاد دکتر حاج غلامحسین حیدری تفرشی، به درستی نوشته شد: در اینجا رادمردی خفته، که قوت را برای قنوت می خواست و ملک را برای ملکوت …